Watch our short film explaining all about the Marketing Mentor programme

The Marketing Mentor programme helps you win more new business – and it’s free!

The Marketing Mentor programme is designed to help small business owners just like you to discover the best, low cost marketing & sales ideas proven to grow your business.

It contains:

  • A 1 day marketing seminar
  • 17 monthly content calls detailing every key aspect of marketing
  • 17 open calls for you to discuss any marketing ideas you are working on
  • Complete downloads to give a complete marketing education

The result is that you don’t have to experiment for yourself, you can do what you already know has worked in the past! It’s a shortcut to better results, better profits – even a better lifestyle. What’s more, due to changes in Government funding most small business owners can claim back the cost of the whole programme.  This isn’t a ‘match funding’ option, it means that the whole programme won’t cost you anything as long as you meet the very broad criteria of employing between 4 and200 staff.

So you will receive £3,500 worth of marketing training over the next 18 months plus a whole stack of extra resources and it won’t cost you a penny.

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